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Date: July 9th, 2018 – 10am (PDT) / 1pm (EDT) / 6pm (UK time) / 7pm (Central EU time)
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I’m Dominic Wheatley, founder of Domark Software (later changed name to Eidos plc). I set up Eidos US office in San Mateo. Launched Tomb Raider at E3 in LA in ’96 when CEO of Eidos Interactive.

Dominic Wheatley is co-founder of the game software company Domark. Their first game Eureka! was published in 1984. It was designed by Ian Livingstone and developed in Hungary. The mystery puzzle game was played on early home computers, such as the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum. They offered a £25,000 prize for the first person to complete Eureka in its first year.
During the following years, Domark secured licenses for several well-known IPs including Trivia Pursuit, James Bond, and Star Wars, again using outside companies to do the programming for them. In October 1995 the entire Domark conglomerate was acquired by Eidos, along with several other companies. Wheatley served as CEO of Eidos until 1997. He set up Eidos US office in San Mateo and launched Tomb Raider at E3 in LA in ’96. Wheatley is currently the CEO of Catalis SE and Curve Digital Entertainment.

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Dominic Wheatley co-founded game software company Domark, publisher of the game Eureka! which was developed by Novotrade behind the Iron Curtain. Wheatley speaks about those days in the documentary Moleman 4 – Longplay. Smuggled in computers, surprised Commodore, outfoxed Nintendo, tricked SEGA, revolutionary game engines, groundbreaking ideas. A games software outfit that dodged the limelight and led the world from behind the Iron Curtain.

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