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The purpose of the Moleman Fellowship program is to provide the members with extra contents and giveaway gifts or the possibility even to appear in the next Moleman documentary. We would like this community to take active part in the Moleman series as well as influence the future trajectory of the project.

Details of the current prize draw for the Fellowship members:
(Both the time of the draw and the nature of the prizes are subject to alteration without notice.)

The date of the next draw: July 31, 2018.

We will raffle off the following prizes among the Moleman Fellowship members.

  • One of the Commodore 64s from the film signed by the director Szilárd Matusik, the lead character Gábor Csépai and some of the developers appearing in the film. – 1 item
  • A role as an extra in the next Moleman film. If the winner cannot appear in person for the shooting they may then send in a personally produced video file approved by the director that is created in accordance with the instructions given by the director which will be placed in the background of one of the scenes, for example on the screen of a monitor, etc. – 3 items
  • A limited number of Moleman 4 Floppy disks signed by the director Szilárd Matusik and the lead character Gábor Csépai.  – 5 items

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