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The idea for the Moleman series came from the mind of Gábor Csépai sometime around 2006. Originally he wanted to create a TV series but when after countless futile attempts it seemed certain that there won’t be enough sponsors for the realization of the project Szilárd Matusik suggested that they make a documentary instead just for fun in their free time with no sponsorship whatsoever.

And so in 2008 they got hold of a camera and several friends happy to assist for free and they began shooting the first part of the Moleman documentary. By 2014 three feature-length instalments of the Moleman documentary were completed in the free time and from the saved money of the creators.

In the first episode we meet 5 youngsters from Budapest who all take their own particular part in the metropolitan subculture (figures of fine and performance arts as well as extreme sports). The second episode is about the computer art subculture, the demoscene, which has been around for 30 years now but still only a few people know about, filling a gap in this regard globally with this film. The third episode revolves around the grassroots music scene (beatbox, turntablism, etc.) and the digital revolution in music.

All three of these films were selected for the official competition of many well-known international film-festivals. The first episode was awarded a grand prize in New York, while the second was lauded in Los Angeles and in Derby (UK) and was selected into the Programme of the Documentary Comptetition at the category ’’A’’ Warsaw Film Festival (the last time a Hungarian documentary got selected into the programme of a category ’’A’’ film-festival was 4 years before that). It premiered in a sold-out theatre at the PAX East in Boston, at the largest independent gaming festival event in the US. In the online documentary film review of IndaFilm in 2013 the audience chose Moleman 2 as the best Hungarian documentary of the preceding years. It has been shown in more than 35 cities all over the world and the total view-count goes beyond 300.000. In 2014 the third episode won Best Editing at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles as well as being the Runner Up in the category of Best Documentary.

By 2017 the fourth episode has also been completed which you can buy here and thus support our independent filmmaker team in our endeavor to produce new episodes.

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Szilárd Matusik

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2007. Since 2003 he has been working in television production primarily as a film editor, director of post-production and technical operations manager. He set up his own production company Flame Film in 2006 which over the last years has produced commercials, video clips, TV programmes, short films and documentaries.

Gábor Csépai

Has already appeared in a few commercials and TV programmes as a child. Later he became a presenter and an editor at the Hungarian Music TV in the programmes of Pixel, Blokk and Greatest Hits. After his stint in television he went on to work in film production as a member of the production team for many commercials and feature films. Besides co-producing a series of music events with DJ Savage called Subculture Revolution he also collaborates with and is a permanent member of several bands and formations as an MC.

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Moleman 1 is coming soon with english subtitles.

Moleman is a documentary diary about the independent subcultures of a bustling Central European capital, Budapest.
Under the cultural surface of the metropolis lies a flourishing art life, and alternative recreational activities are available. There are many who do not follow the mainstream taste, and do not fall for the temptation of the commercial media. The originators of Budapest’s subcultures and their audience represent hundreds of thousands of people. These subcultures and artists should not be underrated or disregarded. Moleman chooses five characters from this world, and allows us to peek through their eyes into a culture and lifestyle that lie out of the realm of celebrities, that is other than Pop Idol or the soap opera „Between Friends” or the pop band Hooligans. But it exists, creates works and is taking shape.

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In the 1980’s, something changed the world forever. Computer technology, mostly due to the appearance of affordable Commodore 64’s, entered households worldwide, providing the opportunity for everyone to create digital art. But existing art forms weren’t the only ones to be re-implemented on these computers; brand new forms of art also appeared, ones thought to be impossible up to that point. Computers provided an opportunity for the creator to produce visuals and sound effects and combine them to create the ultimate audiovisual experience, by using only the language of mathematics and writing program code, without physical interaction. As a result of such techniques, demos were born, and with them, the demoscene subculture. Moleman shows you now a digital subculture, where artists don’t use always the latest technology, but their aim is also to bring out the best from 30 year-old computer technics.

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Moleman 3 is a documentary diary about a journey from the underground to the cultural surface.
Music styles and artists ignored by record labels and the mainstream media didn’t have much chance of getting wide recognition back in the day. The digital revolution changed everything. The internet and digital technology, accessible to everyone, reshaped the music industry completely. The significance of record labels which controlled mainstream music has changed and decayed.
During his journey, Moleman shows you independent artists and genres building themselves up from the bottom, who do not follow the mainstream taste, but find their own way to the surface. Beatbox, turntablism, DJing, live improvisation, and bedroom and award-winning producers are waiting for you on this road.

Moleman 4 – Longplay is the inspiring story of Hungarian video game development behind the Iron Curtain and explores the untold stories behind world-famous games like The Last Ninja, Impossible Mission II, Ecco the Dolphin and more, while showing how their dedicated developers overcame the hard circumstances they faced living in a socialist country still under Soviet pressure. Smuggled in computers, surprised Commodore, outfoxed Nintendo, tricked SEGA, revolutionary game engines, groundbreaking ideas. A games software outfit that dodged the limelight and led the world from behind the Iron Curtain.